Stan gets Hilda another birthday card with the correct age on but she's not mollified. Alan isn't pleased to have Lucille hanging around but Elsie can't face asking her to leave. Alan determines to get Lucille's £4 back off George Scully but can't understand why she can't go back to the Rovers. Maggie agrees to speak to Lucille. Ernie and Emily suggest to Alf that they take a commemorative album for his year in office. Hilda overhears and has an idea. Billy stalls telling Annie that Lucille is living at No.11 and has to find a way to get her to return home. Lucille is angry when Maggie drops hints that she's getting under Elsie's feet. Alan visits George Scully and threatens him with the police. Hilda tells Stan there is a way he can get into her good books. He agrees without knowing what it is. Alan gets the case back as Lucille returns to stay at the bedsit. He agrees she can return to No.11. Stan asks the Bishops for a "commemorial album". Emily agrees but Ernie is reluctant. Alf tells Bet that Norman Leach has written to him demanding £200 compensation for his mother. She agrees to be his witness that nothing worth talking about happened. Elsie is pleased that Alan has given way. Stan decides to throw a party for Hilda so the Bishops can take official photographs of them for the album. She's delighted. Alf tells Maggie about Leach but that Bet was with him at the time. Billy asks Lucille to return but she refuses. Annie rings to say she's coming home tomorrow.


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