Len and Johnny Mann start getting at each other, much to Rita's amusement. Alf is disappointed with Maggie's decision and realises he's no option but to ask Annie but makes it clear to Maggie that it'll be on his strict terms. Lorraine visits Lucille. She tells her there's no work going as a go-go dancer. Lucille feels lonely with no spare money to go out. Alf insists that Maggie join him when he asks Annie to be mayoress. Ken agrees with Annie that Lucille is being exploited. Jerry does some work for Maggie in the Corner Shop's back room. Ena calls and gives him a treasured old print of Manchester that Alfred Sharples bought her one Christmas to frame for her to give as a present to someone. Alf asks Annie to be his mayoress and she accepts. He makes it clear that she looks after being a hostess and he looks after the opinions. They toast each other. Len challenges Johnny to a fight and he accepts. They retire to the toilets for a punch-up. Betty thinks Maggie has said "yes" to Alf. Billy drops a hint to Elsie to visit Lucille and she agrees. Len is impressed that Johnny is a judo black-belt and realises that he has no chance against him. The two grow friendlier. Alf announces Annie as mayoress. She gives drinks on the house. Betty is annoyed. Rita is thrown when Len and Johnny return to the bar on friendly terms. Elsie visits Lucille with more bedding. Billy worries how Annie's new position will affect his home comforts and the running of the Rovers. He suggests that Annie asks Lucille to return to fill the gap but she refuses. He intends to ask her himself. Lucille admits to Elsie that she can't stand being in the bedsit but she can't return to being under Annie's roof. Jerry is touched when Ena gives him the picture as a present. Elsie tells Lucille to leave the bedsit and move into No.11. Lucille worries what Alan will say.


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Jerry Booth: "Hilda Ogden's ears are flapping like letterboxes in a high wind."

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