Alan asks Len, Jerry and Ken not to tell Elsie about the poker game loss and the decorating. Elsie tells Billy about Lucille's bedding request and gives him her bedsit address. He worries when he hears from the menfolk about the area. Annie refuses to visit Lucille until she's invited. Alf and Maggie enjoy a Sunday lunch together. Alf tells her about a false alarm over a letter bomb that was received at the Post Office. They are interrupted by Hilda who makes pointed comments about them being a couple, especially when Alf makes her mayoress. Billy visits Lucille with the bedding. He's not impressed with its dinginess. Lorraine Binks tries to get a job as a go-go dancer at The Capricorn. Len tries to chat to Rita but she puts him off until the evening. Billy tells Annie that Lucille is miserable but she won't admit it. She can't understand her attitude. Betty tells Maggie to take up Alf's offer of being his mayoress. Billy takes Annie to visit Lucille. She insists on giving Lucille some money and is appalled to hear the rent is £6.50 per week and that George Scully makes a profit from the electric meter. The regulars demand that Alf declare his choice of mayoress. Len goes back to the club and Rita allows him to buy her a drink. Annie can't get hold of Scully and she demands that Alf do something about crooked landlords. Lorraine looks for Lucille and Billy gives her the address. He takes the opportunity to chat her up. Maggie turns Alf down. Rita introduces Len to her new boyfriend Johnny Mann.


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