Albert gets grumpy when Ken refuses to do the decorating and starts scraping off the old paper himself. Hilda boasts about Stan's decorating prowess. Annie frets about how Lucille is getting on and exactly where her bedsit is. Billy tells her that Lucille is capable of looking after herself. Lucille rings Elsie to order some discount bedding from the warehouse and is shocked at the expense. Albert is called away to help at the Community Centre. Emily tells Ena that Minnie has found the letter. Lucille tries to make improvements to her bedsit with a poster on the wall and painting a chest of drawers purple but George Scully objects. Ena explains the letter was written after an argument between Minnie and Armistead on a trip to Marple Lakes in 1919 and persuades Minnie that there was nothing in her friendship with him as Ena just provided a shoulder to cry on that day. Ena later admits to Emily that Armistead's intentions were far more serious than she let on to Minnie. Emily promises to keep the secret. Billy, Ken, Alan, Jerry and Len play poker at the Rovers. Ken wins but instead of taking their money they agree to decorate for him. Lucille feels lonely and depressed in her flat.


Regular cast

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  • This episode marks the 1,000th appearance of Doris Speed in the role of Annie Walker. She was the first actor in the programme to achieve this milestone.
  • TV Times synopsis: An "Indiscretion" explained.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,350,000 homes (6th place).

Notable dialogue

Hilda Ogden (about Stan Ogden): "Very good at decorating, mind. I choose - he puts up."
Albert Tatlock: "And how he puts up, I do not know."

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