Elsie wonders if Ray has seen Len that morning. Jacko is offered a job by a man named Stanley Fowler in Oakhill who has read his story in the Gazette. Norma would rather he had something closer to home. Len is short-tempered with Alf when he asks him to intercede with Maggie on his behalf. Minnie snubs Ena in the Rovers. Ena asks Bet, Rita and Norma how Minnie's been behaving while she's been away. Maggie tells Alf she's not yet made a decision. He promises to make inquiries about Mr Fowler. Lucille annoys Annie when she refuses to look after the pub for the evening so she can visit Nellie Harvey. Elsie delights in winding up Ray that when Len catches up with him he's going to thump him. Minnie calls on Ena but won't tell her what's wrong. A worried Ray asks Rita to explain to Len that there's nothing between them but she refuses. He goes to the yard where Len tells him Elsie's been pulling his leg. He also tells him that it's him who's going to be doing the Huddersfield job. Annie bores the regulars with talk of being mayoress. Jacko takes the Oakhill job, as resident chauffeur and handyman. Minnie questions Ena as to whether she's ever done anything in life to stop her getting to heaven. Left alone in the flat, Minnie takes the letter she found. Norma is pleased when she hears that Fowler is also an ex-con who wants to give Jacko a second chance. Alan promises to deal with Jimmy Frazer when he returns next week. Annie takes Lucille to task for being late for her evening meal. Having had enough of being treated like a child, she packs and leaves home.


Regular cast

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  • TV Times synopsis: A puzzling return and an unexpected departure.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,057,000 homes (9th place).

Notable dialogue

Bet Lynch (about Ena Sharples): "All the millions of sweet old ladies living in this world and I have to finish up with Wallace Beery."


Annie Walker: "Mrs Howard was not born to be a first lady in anything, except possibly vulgarity."

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