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Albert and Minnie bicker over who is the senior at the Community Centre in Ena's absence. Det Insp Patterson asks Minnie what she remembers of Christine Peters when she met her at Christmas. Ken prepares to accompany a nervous Norma to court but before they can leave Mr Hillbray summons them to to Risley Remand Centre. Mr Hillbray tells Jacko that he's free to go - they've got the truth out of Freddie Slack and are looking for Franny Slater and Sharon Duffy. Lucille is annoyed with Ernie for shopping Christine. Ken and Norma bring Jacko back to Weatherfield to a warm welcome and several drinks, including ones from Patterson and Annie. Ken is annoyed with Patterson for locking Jacko up in the first place but the man himself bears no grudges. Stan tells Lucille and the Bishops that Christine has been arrested. Emily feels she must go and see Jean Cooper. Albert is annoyed to hear that Minnie's known for some time that Len and Alf are up for Mayor of Weatherfield. Emily calls on Jean Cooper who almost instantly slaps her face and slams the door on her. Stan doesn't believe that Jacko is totally innocent until he's bought a drink by him. Ernie thinks Emily should press charges against Jean but she refuses. Patterson tells the Bishops that Christine had admitted the kidnap. He hopes she'll be conditionally discharged on the proviso that she gets psychiatric treatment. Minnie sends a telegram to Ena to tell her about Christine. Len rings to say that he's returning tomorrow from Scarborough. Billy reads in the paper that the mayor is to be announced next Monday and realises why Len is returning early.


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  • The scene in the back yard of 22 Talbot Street was filmed in the back yard of one of the houses of the Grape Street set and not out on location.
  • TV Times synopsis: A slap in the face for Emily Bishop
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,194,000 homes (8th place).
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