Hilda starts to get annoyed at the gossip about Stan. Norma prepares for a visit to Risley Remand Centre to see Jacko. Jerry collects for a "good luck" gift from Ernie and Emily for Jacko before his trial. Emily wants to go and see Jean Cooper again in light of what Stan told them. Hilda tells Jerry that she's going to visit 19 Inkerman Street. Amused, he nevertheless warns her to be careful. Minnie and Albert bicker over the running of the Community Centre in Ena's absence. Jerry delights in telling Stan about Hilda's visit. The Bishops call on Jean Cooper and find Christine Peters there. Hilda walks out from No.19 well satisfied with her visit. The Bishops find out from Jean that Christine had a breakdown when her own baby died and her husband, Jack Peters, left her. Jean arrived home one day and found her sister with Jason Lomax. The first chance she could, Jean took the baby to the croft and makes no apologies for shielding her. Stan can't face going home at closing time but is refused sanctuary at the Rovers. Hilda tells Stan that Mrs Regan is cohabiting with Tommy McAllistair. Stan is upset at the thought but Hilda warns him that she's seen danger signs in the tea leaves should he see her again. Back home, Ernie wants to go to the police but Emily sides with Jean and tells him of Irma Barlow's baby-snatch and how she returned Anthony Lock without saying anything. Ernie is appalled at her actions and determined to tell the police himself. A division occurs between the two of them. Norma returns and is short with a sympathetic Billy. She tells Jerry that Jacko is pleading guilty so he has no chance of avoiding jail.


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