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Ena is suspicious when Len asks her for a list of any jobs that need doing on the Community Centre flat. Ken tells Norma that Sharon Duffy is in London and that her boyfriend Franny Slater might have carried out the robbery. Benny is in a nervous state as the opening of The Capricorn nears. Billy tells him his barmaids are not up to scratch and offers free lessons in return for complimentary tickets. Hilda lords it over junior cleaner Bessie Proctor. A pipe bursts in the cloakroom causing a flood and sending Benny into a panic. Hilda suggests that Stan could fix it but she's unable to locate him. Alf overhears Ena talking about Len's sudden helpfulness. Billy reveals Alan turned Edna Gee down for the job as hostess. Benny realises he has to crawl to Len to get him to mend the pipe and asks Hilda to summon him. Jimmy Frazer rings to say that he can't get back for the opening. Alf asks Ena if there's anything that needs doing at the Community Centre. Len agrees to fix the pipe on the condition that all maintenance work for the club goes to Fairclough and Langton. Norma returns from Risley Remand Centre to pass on the message from Jacko that Slater has no form. Annie is annoyed that Billy is taking the next night off to attend the club opening. Hilda lets slip to her that Billy trained the barmaids. Benny despairs as he's invited all the council and Mayor Alderman Chapman to the opening of the club and neither Jimmy nor Alan can make it. After her English lesson, Norma and Ken spend a romantic evening together. They dance and kiss.


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