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Len asks Benny to drop Rita from The Capricorn. He refuses. Ken gets Vine barmaid Brenda to find out Sharon Duffy's whereabouts. Alan, Benny and Rita hold auditions for dolly birds, hostesses and strippers at Benny's flat as the decorators are still at the club. Billy, Albert and Stan gatecrash. Edna Gee auditions for a job as hostess but Alan is not in favour. Len asks Rita to drop the idea of being hostess. She wonders why he's changed his mind. Alderman Rogers tells Alf he's backing him for Mayor of Weatherfield. Brenda tells Ken that Sharon is in London with Franny Slater. She remembers that Sharon and Franny had a row on the night of the break-in. Len tells Alf he's up for mayor. Alf doesn't let on that he's up for the role.


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  • The writer of this episode, Stanley Wood, was the father of the famous comedian Victoria Wood. His main occupation was an insurance salesman and writing was a part-time interest.
  • TV Times synopsis: Auditions and investigations.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,950,000 homes (9th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Elsie Howard: "Only one thing would worry me if I was Rita. Where could I get a hat to put on that hair?"


Hilda Ogden: "Next thing you know, it'll be drugs - LSD and cannibals."

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