Episode 1231 (1st November 1972)

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)



Billy tells Lucille to stop being so cold with Sean. Det Insp Patterson investigates the burglary and interviews Rita and Benny about the routine of banking the money and who had the keys to the flat. Benny tells the police only £500 is missing. Franny Slater buys a new sports car and gives Freddie Slack £500 and Sharon Duffy £1,000 for their part in the robbery. He keeps £3,500 and tells Sharon he's going away for a while, warning her not to betray him. Alan has a hangover. Patterson interviews Lucille about any strangers she saw and asks Hilda if she touched the burglar alarm. Concepta and Sean organise a party and invite the residents. Norma hears about the robbery and suspects Jacko. Patterson asks Ray and Len if they ever let their key out of their possession. They deny doing so but Ray realises that he's in the frame. Elsie tells Concepta that Lucille will come round to Sean eventually. Benny tells Ray and Len that Patterson thinks the keys they and Rita had were used in the robbery. Norma tells Maggie her suspicions about Jacko. She tells her not to jump to conclusions. The party takes place in the Rovers' back room but Concepta leaves early as she has a headache. Ray rings The Flying Horse and discovers Sharon has quit. The party moves on to Benny's flat. Bet stays to clear up and Sean to help her. Alan tells Elsie he's seeing Jimmy Frazer again and asks her to join him. Ray tells Len about giving the key to Sharon. Furious, Len tells him they're going to tell the police first thing in the morning. On their own, Sean kisses a shocked Bet.


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