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Lucille is convinced that Concepta is being taken for a mug. Billy tells Concepta that Sean Regan can come to stay at the Rovers. Concepta's engagement is announced. Alan agrees to Jimmy Frazer setting up the money for the car deal but is alarmed when Jimmy gets two good-time girls to entertain them for the evening at The Vine. Franny Slater sets Jacko up so he won't have an alibi for his planned robbery of Benny Lewis's flat. He also gets Sharon to go with Ray to Benny's flat and scout out its alarm system. Concepta asks Lucille for her blessing and admits that she worries what people will think of her marrying a younger man. Freddie Slack drives Jacko away from Weatherfield to see "the lads", before trying to get him interested in a robbery job. Sharon tells Franny where the alarms are. Jacko refuses the job and Freddie asks him to make his own way back from the darkened road where he drops him off but gives him £30 for his trouble. Alan goes off to a nightclub with Jimmy and the women. Franny unlocks the door to Benny's flat and enters.


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