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Jimmy Frazer tries to interest Alan into starting to sell used cars. Franny Slater takes a copy of Ray's key to Benny Lewis's flat. Billy offers Jacko his job back at the Rovers. Jacko turns it down at first but then accepts. Concepta Hewitt arrives to stay with Annie and Lucille. She announces herself at the Rovers while Lucille is having a trivial argument with Billy. Alan is tempted by Jimmy's offer as he wants to make a name for himself. Hilda shows Jacko round Benny's flat. Sharon Duffy wants Ray to take the blame for the robbery Franny is planning but he wants to stick it on Jacko. Sharon is worried about being caught. Albert gives everyone tips at the betting shop. Concepta is happy that everyone is still the same and shows off the latest pictures of Christopher, revealing that she is thinking about sending him to school in England. Franny tells Sharon that Jacko was shooting his mouth off in the betting shop about being skint, so it'll be suspicious if he's found with a fortune on him. Concepta reveals she's getting married to a younger man - Sean Regan.


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