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Ena is annoyed that Ernie is neglecting his Community Centre duties for the Pub Olympics. Emily tells her that he seems to have forgotten her birthday. Ray joins in with Len's plan to sabotage Stan. Sharon calls at Benny Lewis's flat to find her ring that she dropped but Ray puts her off coming in as Len and Jerry are working there. Ernie works out a training plan with Stan. Emily drops hints about her birthday but Ernie is oblivious. Norma gets some time with Ken alone in the shop flat but Jerry interrupts them. Emily sends Ernie out to get some birthday candles but he buys household candles instead. She starts to get annoyed with him. Ray puts Sharon off coming to the flat until the evening when he'll be alone there. Bet agrees to help sabotage Stan. She persuades Ernie that Stan ought to drink tomato juice for two weeks so that he'll be desperate for a pint come the night of the contest. Stan is distraught. Ena has to remind Ernie about Emily's birthday. Ray tries to get Jerry out of the flat before 6.00pm. Emily is annoyed that Ernie had to be reminded by Ena and she tells him how hurt she is. He apologises. Ray and Sharon interrupt Jerry reading The Crucible to himself in the flat. Jerry asks why they are there and Ray has to lie quickly. He leaves but Sharon sets off the burglar alarm by accident. Stan is sick of tomato juice. Hilda gets drunk when she "helps" him by drinking tomato juice with vodka in it. Ernie resigns as team captain for Emily's sake but the residents refuse it and offer to throw a party for Emily after the contest. She agrees. Maggie tells Jerry he's gooseberrying between Norma and Ken.


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