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Ena, Minnie, Bet, Betty, Albert, Billy, Ray, Jerry, Norma, Edna, Stan and Hilda go to the Preston Guild. Maggie doesn't know what to do about Ron Cooke but doesn't want to be on her own again. The Lomaxes - Colin, Karen and baby Jason, arrive from Hartlepool to visit Ena. Lucille tells them that she won't be back before 10.00pm. They wait in the Rovers but Annie is cold to them as she doesn't believe they're related to Ena and doesn't like them bringing a baby in with them. They put Jason outside. Maggie writes a letter telling Ron she can't take him on. He turns up before she can give it to him so she tells him in person. The coach arrives at Preston. Jason is taken from outside the Rovers.


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Notable dialogue

Maggie Clegg: "Maggie Clegg attracts alcoholics like iron filings to a magnet, must be me own special brand of charm."


Elsie Howard: “Look Maggie, all you've got to go on in this world is what is, not ifs, buts, or maybe, and what is is a bloke you like, you can get on with and you can talk to, and they're not so many to the pound these days.”

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