The Ogdens continue to spurn the residents though Stan thinks no one is bothered. Hilda wants to get her Preston Guild money back from Albert. Norma tries to persuade Maggie to ring Ron Cooke but she refuses. Billy tries to get Jerry to take up cycling again. Alf tells the regulars that the hospital are doing tests on Phyllis. Maggie starts to get impatient with Norma's matchmaking, afraid of what Ron is like. Spotting a chink in Maggie's excuses, Norma manages to get her to make the phone call. While she is doing so, Norma lies to Alf when he calls in and says that Maggie is at the wholesalers to prevent him disturbing her call. Maggie enjoys talking to Ron and he agrees to come round. Albert refuses to give Stan and Hilda a refund, saying that it's breaking the rules he's set out as trip organiser. Maggie is on hot bricks as she gets ready for Ron's arrival but she finds him very presentable when he does so. Stan and Hilda decide to brave the Rovers and prick people's consciences. Maggie and Ron both like each other and feel they need more excitement in their lives as a change from their everyday existences. Alf calls in again to see Maggie but is thrown when he sees Ron emerge from the back room. The Ogdens call into the pub but, aside from a drink on the house from Billy, no one bats an eyelid. Ron and Maggie go out for the evening and enjoy their compatibility. They agree to go out again. Alf calls into the Rovers on the way back from the hospital with the news that Phyllis is on the danger list.


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