In the morning, Minnie finds that her pipes are frozen and belatedly lags them, while Ena criticises her tardiness. Martha calls for some water as her pipes are in the same state, despite having taken precautions the night before. Elsie grabs all of Dennis's winnings and threatens him with the police for theft but he lies that he transferred her £5 from the vase to the jug. When she finds the money in the stated place, she apologises but when he can't account for where he got the stake money, she sees through his deception and demands half his £32 winnings. She makes him chop up an old chair for firewood as the coalman hasn't delivered. Minnie makes tea with water from her mother's hot water bottle. Ena is embarrassed in front of her friends when Dennis gives her her £2 winnings from a bet that he put on for her on Lucky Lolita. She ask him to defrost Minnie's pipes in return for two buckets of coal and he calls at No.3 to borrow a blow-lamp from the Barlows. The regulars toast Lucky Lolita in a celebratory drink although Annie thinks the dog's name is questionable due to the obscene book, and offers to lend her copy to Concepta so she read it for herself. Harry agrees to buy Concepta a new leather handbag with his winnings. Ena, Minnie and Martha wait in the Rovers while Dennis uses the blow-lamp on the pipes. Ena sings his praises, unaware that the heat has made the pipes burst. Elsie is worried when Frank tells her that Dennis borrowed the blow-lamp while both her son and Minnie's kitchen get progressively wetter. Ken questions Annie about her beer trade. Dennis desperately tries to bail out Minnie's flooded downstairs room but it's a hopeless task. The three ladies return and find the extensive damage with a soaked and bashful Dennis trying to fix it.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Elsie Tanner finds something unexpected in the kitty and Dennis has to confess the truth. There is a freeze-up at Minnie Caldwell's and once again the ever-helpful Dennis Tanner goes along to lend a hand - with surprising results.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,660,000 homes (2nd place).
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