Lucille is hysterical over the Peeping Tom but Billy tells her to play it cool or Annie will cancel her holiday to Blackpool with Nellie Harvey. Emily and Ernie are furious over Jacko's treatment. Elsie admits she was wrong over the money as it was only what Laura owed Alan but he makes her stand by her decision. Benny tries to get Rita to stay for a few drinks but she refuses as she has a date with Len. Billy feels guilty over his treatment of Jacko. Lucille doesn't want to go out, frightened of the Peeping Tom. Hilda also sees him outside the back of No.13. Rita and Len join Elsie and Alan for a drink in the Rovers before they go out and the ice begins to thaw between Elsie and Rita. Lucille tells Ken about the Peeping Tom. Emily screams as she sees that she's being watched from outside her back bedroom window. Ken takes Lucille round to compare notes with her and get a combined description but they differ wildly. Elsie tells Alan she's pleased he's sticking to his guns about the money. Billy warns the womenfolk about the Peeping Tom. Benny has Ray and Jerry round for drinks and they talk about women. Jerry advises Benny to tell Rita he's serious about her as Len doesn't want anything permanent. Ernie rings the police but they can promise little. Ken feels the Peeping Tom might be in disguise and therefore he's someone they know.


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Rita Littlewood: "You think you've found a man to lean on, 'alf the time you wind up with a little lad 'oo just wants motherin'."


Jerry Booth: "I just prefer to get to know one woman properly."
Ray Langton: "I prefer to get to know a few hundred improperly."

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