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Elsie broods over the reason why Laura is trying to contact Alan and is curt with everyone in the Rovers. Jacko tells Billy about Laura's phone call. Alan tells Colin Harvey he's going away for a fortnight and he's in charge. Stan tries to buy a cheap van through Alan, asking for tick. Both Billy and Alan refuse. Billy tells Alan about the phone call and that Laura will be calling back at 9.00pm. Alan tells Billy that he owes Laura £2,500 that she lent him to buy the garage. Jacko thanks Betty for supporting him in the vote but she warns him not to let anyone down. Ken helps with a stock check at the Corner Shop. Laura tries to ring Alan back at 9.00pm. Alan cuts the call off and has to confess to a furious Elsie that he didn't get the money for the garage from his accountant but from Laura and he is now in arrears for the repayments. Annie plans to go and see George and Hilda Davies in Lytham St Annes and Billy has offered to take her. Betty is worried about being alone with Jacko for the evening at the Rovers. Billy tells her that he's going to prove that Jacko is going straight. Laura rings again and tells Alan she's coming up but Elsie tells Alan that she's determined to make sure she doesn't get him back.


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