Minnie wonders what the weather is like at Newton Abbot where a horse she wants to bet on is running. Showing trust in him, Annie asks Jacko to eat his lunch with them. Rita still can't decide whether to take the job with Benny. Len books a meal out for the two of them. Benny also asks Rita to come round to his flat that night but she turns him down. Cyril overhears that Jacko, who he has arrested before, is working at the Rovers. Jacko sees him in the pub and asks for a word with him. Minnie is furious when she tries to place her bet and discovers from Benny that Ena has got her barred from the betting shop. Jacko tells Cyril that he's going straight and asks him not to reveal he's been inside. Minnie looks for Ena to have it out with her. Len gets a phone call to say he has to attend an an emergency meeting of the council. Minnie finds Ena and tearfully tells her she's had enough of her interfering and that their friendship is over. Len tells Rita he can't take her out after all. Cyril tells Betty that Jacko is a petty thief but he's promised he's going straight. Benny entertains Rita in his new luxury flat above the betting shop though few of the remote control things work properly. Hilda finds them there together. Rita tells Benny she will work for him. Hilda gleefully gossips to Len that Rita is with Benny.


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Len Fairclough (at the Rovers' bar): "And one for the, er, messenger..."
Hilda Ogden: "Oh ta!"
Len Fairclough: "...a glass of arsenic."

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