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Jacko makes himself useful at the Corner Shop. Hilda thinks Stan is working long hours. Alf knows he's at 19 Inkerman Street. Minnie is one of the first customers at the betting shop. Benny's counter bookkeeper doesn't turn up for work as she's pregnant. Ernie repeats his criticisms of not having a cooked meal made for him. Emily grows tired of his complaints. Mrs Toft tells Hilda she's seen Stan in Inkerman Street. Ray hears that Benny needs a bookkeeper. Jacko delivers some pies for the Bishops' tea and tries to compare notes with Ernie on being in jail, asking him what the Spanish ones are like. They realise he's an ex-con. Ted Loftus tells Benny about Lucille's previous experience and he invites her for an interview. She gets the job for £3 a week more than she's on at the warehouse. The Bishops are taken with Jacko's attempts to reform. Hilda spots that Stan's handcart has been left unattended for over an hour in Inkerman Street. Billy and Ray offer to move it away and see what happens. Minnie loses on the horses after she takes a tip from Jacko. Rita refuses to clean for Benny. Norma is annoyed to find out that the Bishops know about Jacko's past. Stan rings Hilda about the missing handcart. She tells him to find it or he gets no tea. Ted tells Hilda that Benny is looking for a cleaner. She's not interested until she finds out that it could be good money. Betty points out to an amused Billy that he'll have to tell Annie that she's lost her own cleaner.


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