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Jerry thinks Len is making a fool of himself. Lucille thinks Billy and Bet have planned a dirty holiday together in Italy but Billy vehemently denies it. Jacko starts at the Rovers. Benny Lewis opens a new betting shop in the precinct and invites Len and Alf in their capacity as councillors and Billy as a local businessman to a grand opening. Jerry makes sarcastic comments to Len about where he spent the night. Benny takes Ted Loftus on. Len brings Rita to the opening. Benny is taken with her but panics when Detective Inspector Patterson turns up at the opening and tells him to keep his nose clean and assist the police - or else. Benny's hostess Carol Webb gets drunk and flirts with Billy. She blurts out in front of Patterson that Benny doesn't bank his money properly. Ray tells Jerry not to judge Len as he could upset their apple cart at No.9. Norma is on hot bricks as Jacko chats about his past life with the Rovers' customers. She asks him to keep quiet. Benny sacks Carol. Overdue getting his tea, Ernie tells Emily he wants her at home, not in the shop. He upsets her with his comments and they have their first marital tiff. Benny talks Rita into an afternoon job as hostess. Len thinks he's got designs on her.


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Notable dialogue

Hilda Ogden: "Silent majority, me."
Billy Walker: "Hilda, you will never, ever be the silent anything."


Benny Lewis: "Anything I can do for you?"
Det Insp Patterson: "My name's Patterson. Anything I can do you for?"

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