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Maggie thinks Norma did the wrong thing shopping Jacko. Jerry doesn't like the idea of having Rita around. Annie and Albert both try to make sure that people go on their Preston Guild trip and not the other. Jerry tells Ray he doesn't like Rita. Billy makes fun of Annie's pretensions to being the leader of the community. Jacko returns. Maggie makes him talk to Norma and he tells her that the police have caught the real crook. Bet is impatient, waiting for a letter to arrive. Albert demands to see Annie who passes him her outing list to take on. She tells him that the Lady Victuallers have invited her on their "VIP" trip to the Guild. Norma apologises to Jacko for shopping him and tells him she's pleased he's been let go. Billy and Bet discover they've booked in at the same villa in Italy at the same time. Norma is impressed when Jacko goes to sign on the labour and promises him a drink in the Rovers. Maggie tells Jacko not to reveal to Annie that he's been in Strangeways but in a convalescent home. Annie isn't pleased to hear about Bet and Billy's holiday. Rita gets a regular spot from Alec Gilroy. Jerry tells Ray he thinks Rita is a gold-digger. Rather than be taken out for the night by Len, she makes a meat and potato pie for the lads and wins Jerry over. Jacko charms Annie and she takes him on as potman. Norma tells him to watch his step. Maggie lets him sleep on a camp bed in the stockroom. Rita beats the lads at pontoon. Len takes her home and next morning Ray and Jerry discover he hasn't come back but has spent the night with her.


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Norma Ford: "These aren't eyes, Maggie. They're a couple of very old poached eggs."

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