Annie puts up a poster for Preston Guild and gets annoyed when Albert corrects her on the history of the event. Stan thinks two men are pinching his customers and goes on the warpath. Billy plans a holiday abroad. Len gets tickets from Alec Gilroy for the opening of the Victoria Street Working Men's Club and invites Elsie and Alan. Len tells Elsie it's a swish place and she decides she needs a new dress for it. Minnie and Albert are both interested in the Guild and she asks Ken to organise a coach trip there. He refuses and suggests Albert instead. Elsie is very overdressed at the club to her embarrassment. Len is shocked when Rita is introduced singing on stage, though Elsie thinks he knew all along that she'd be there. After her set, Len helps her when she is bothered by a drunk man. Bet tells Ray about the two men who have pinched Stan's round. Len brings Rita to his table. Elsie is cold with her. Rita says she hasn't been with Harry Bates and his family for two months. Ray tells Stan the violent Henshaw brothers, Bert and Fred, have pinched his patch but Stan doesn't believe they exist. Albert gets people to sign up for the trip. Bet tells Stan that the Henshaw brothers have been looking for him. He thinks they're winding him up but he finds the two men concerned waiting for him when he arrives home.


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Rita Littlewood: "They named a sherry trifle after me at one Labour Club I played."

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