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Tommy Silcock finds out more about Ray. He hears from Annie that he has a dubious past. Jerry is bitter that he takes his job more seriously than Ray but isn't a partner. Norma rows with the customers in an attempt to get Maggie to sack her but Maggie refuses to. Len is honest with Tommy about Ray's past but tells him how he's turned himself around and just works all the harder after he's taken a knock. Norma tells Maggie how having a father like Jacko ruins her relationships whether she is honest or lies about him being in prison. Annie considers taking another cruise but Billy also wants to go on holiday soon. Tommy tells Ray he'd like him for a son-in-law as he reminds him of himself. Jacko turns up and Maggie tells Norma he can stay.


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Len Fairclough: “Ray Langton. He's ambitious, he'll always look after number one, he's got it up 'ere, he works hard.”

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