Ray takes an interest in Norma. Insurance club man Ned Fox collects club money from Maggie but Elsie avoids him as she can't make her weekly payment. Len, Ray and Jerry start a job at Silcock's Shirts where Ray takes a fancy to the sight of the owner's daughter Sue Silcock and her flashy car. Norma introduces efficiencies in the Corner Shop which enable her and Maggie to take a lunch break in the Rovers where she meets the rest of the residents. Betty tells Maggie there's no hard feelings for her not entering into a partnership but wonders where Norma is really from. Only Ernie, Ken and Len turn up for band practice and Emily has to dragoon the rest from the Rovers. Ernie annoys the rest of the group with his criticisms and they walk out on him. Ray's charms fail on Sue. Ernie is forced to disband the band through lack of interest but Ena reminds him they have promised a concert for the Darby and Joans. Ned Fox catches up with Elsie and tells her that her endowment policy on Dennis has come up. Norma is annoyed when old acquaintance Ritchie Levitt turns up to see her. Ken suggests a film show instead of the concert for the pensioners. Len tells Ray that Sue is out of his class. He makes a bet with Len and Jerry that he can get a date with her. Norma tells Ritchie she doesn't want her dad to know where she is. He promises not to say. Maggie tells her that she can confide in her if she has troubles at home but the girl tells her it's nothing to worry about.


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