Archie goes to the Town Hall to get planning permission for the porch. Hilda gives him Stan's suit. The residents think they have no chance and Hilda gets annoyed when Albert and Minnie ask for the wood when it's taken down. Billy and Ray plan to use the shop flat as a love nest in Maggie's absence, and trick the key off Alf. Betty and Lucille realise what Billy is up to and refuse to let him away from the Rovers, but Lucille agrees to swap shifts with him when he pays her. Rita entertains Len after getting Terry out of the way. The girls stand Billy and Ray up by going off with Yankee officers and they can't find anyone else to spend the evening with. Councillor Warburton tells Archie the porch has to come down. Ray and Billy get drunk on their own. Warburton asks Emily if Len's interest in local government is waning. She suggests he asks Len instead of snooping. Alf tells Betty that Rita's house is due for demolition and Len is on the housing committee, hence the reason he thinks she's showing an interest in him. Hilda discovers the porch is missing.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Two gay bachelors prepare a love-nest - but all the birds fly away!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,200,000 homes (6th place).

Notable dialogue

Ray Langton: "I don't suppose you'd like to make me an offer for me little black book?"
Billy Walker: "No thanks, mate. You can flog that to the British Museum."

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