Alan doesn't like the way Ivy is familiar with him. It is the day of the football match between Bessie Street School and Regent's Road. Terry Bates feels excluded as he's the reserve. Ivy can't work through worrying about Jack. Billy returns. Albert thinks a spectator at the match is a scout from Weatherfield County FC but he turns out to be a nostalgic father whose son turned once down a career in football. One of the boys, Rodney Smith, goes down with injury but Terry has gone missing so the team has to play a man short. Bessie Street wins the match. Ivy rows with Edna for not taking her in. Ken is worried about Terry and goes to Rita Bates's home as he thinks she had Terry running errands. He finds that's not the case. Rita is surprised when Ken tells her he is a widower and has children. Terry arrives home but leaves again when he hears Ken's voice. The hospital phone Annie to tell Hilda that Stan has had a crash in the lorry. Alan decides to speak to Jack himself about Ivy. Ivy goes for Edna when she suggests romance is in the air with her and Alan. The boss, Johnny Fitzpatrick, catches them fighting and blames Elsie when he finds Alan in her office.


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