As the Bishops look over their house, they are surprised to see their purple ceiling and Alf still papering the bedroom. He explains how the neighbours stepped in to help them. Hilda is annoyed that everyone seems to know the Bishops are back before she does. Ray is depressed about Vicki Bright's departure. Elsie feels guilty that she interfered by giving advice. Albert gives a bored Ken advice on football formations in preparation for the match. Ray joins in and he and Albert argue over tactics. Emily and Ernie are puzzled as neither of them wanted purple for the ceiling. Alf tells them it was Annie's choice as she thought white was dull. Emily is put out. Elsie is bored as there's nothing to do on a Saturday night. Hilda hints that Stan has had an interesting offer but no one is interested. Ena is put out when Ernie asks her to leave Emily alone and not throw lots of Community Centre committee work at her. The Bishops themselves are annoyed when Hilda dumps herself on them with fish and chips and won't leave them alone. Ivy Tilsley catches husband Jack with his fancy woman in her house and walks out. Edna consoles her with a drink. The Bishops tire of Alf decorating, especially when one sheet of wallpaper is pasted on short. Ivy and Edna call on Elsie and Alan and tell them Ivy's troubles. Edna rushes out, leaving Ivy dumped on the Howards. The Bishops end up sleeping with the decorating unfinished but content to be alone at last.


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