Annie is furious at the delay but Emily refuses to let it upset her, saying that Ernie must have just forgotten something. Although Ernie and Stan arrive at the chapel, a nervous Ernie insists they drive round again. The wedding attendees theorise over the late arrival of the groom. Emily has perfect faith in her intended and sets out for the chapel. Ernie frets that Emily will jilt him and Stan has to beg him to go into the mission. Ena leads the congregation in singing Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us as they wait. Norah Seddon loses her patience and goes to see what's happening. She's ranting as Jerry waits with bridesmaids Lucille and Bet. Emily arrives with Annie and Len. She insists on getting into position with Len to give her away just as Ernie arrives through another door. He tells best man Ken that he feels better for being there and the wedding begins. Vicki Bright feels unwell and Ray leads her outside as the vows start. The wedding party return to the Community Centre for the reception where Len makes a speech, leading a toast to the blissfully happy couple. Ernie's lost his notes and has to make an impromptu speech, toasting the bridesmaids. Mavis takes a shine to Jerry. Ken reads the telegrams from Dave Smith, Jed Stone and Dennis Tanner. Ray and Vicki spend the afternoon in the park as the newlyweds lead the first dance. Hilda forces Stan to dance while Jerry asks Mavis to do the same. Ken asks Lucille to dance to get away from Annie's questions as to why Ernie was late. Ernie apologises to Emily for his tardiness. Mavis and Jerry enjoy each other's company. The happy couple say goodbye to Ena and Esther and leave the reception, ready for their walking honeymoon in Edale. Still in the park, Ray asks Vicki to marry him. She tells him she's pregnant. Albert is disappointed that he couldn't get any of the boiled ham that was left at the reception so Minnie takes him home for a cup of tea to compensate.


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