It is Easter Monday. Annie wakes up a happy and optimistic Emily with breakfast in bed. Ernie, thinking about Leonard Swindley, worries that Emily won't turn up to the Mawdsley Street Chapel. Emily isn't offended when she overhears Betty talking about her just missing being an old maid. Nor is she upset when Ernie turns up as she's delighted to see that he's lost the moustache. She sees that he's nervous. Ena finds Ernie in the chapel alone and realises what's troubling him. She tries to convince him he's being foolish. Hilda's annoyed at the seating plan in the Community Centre. Ena finds Albert changing places to put himself on the top table. Annie takes charge of Emily, to Norah Seddon's annoyance. The flowers fail to arrive. Ernie continues to fret and this time it's Ken who calms his nerves. The guests arrive at the chapel including Esther Hayes down from Scotland. Jerry in his role as usher fails to get the guests to sit in the right places. Vicki Bright tells Ray she doesn't like weddings. As Ken is chasing up the flowers, Stan takes on the job of getting Ernie to the service. Ken turns up at the service with the buttonholes. Norah tells Mavis Riley that she thinks the wedding is too "low-church". Bet and Lucille are bridesmaids and wait at the chapel where Ernie is late. Ernie asks the Driver to go several times round the area, delaying his arrival and exasperating Stan. Len is to give the bride away and is impressed with her dress. Ken rings the Rovers and tells Len to wait as Ernie hasn't arrived. Emily isn't concerned. Ernie tells the driver to continue to drive round again.


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Annie Walker: "At whatever age you marry, there is an element of sacrifice."

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