Jerry asks the sea cadets meeting in the Community Centre on advice on sailing. Their Lieutenant, Arthur Sugden, is not interested until he finds out that Jerry has his own heron-class boat. Ernie and Emily bicker over the house in Eccles. He thinks she's rejecting him as well as the house. Annie tells Emily she'd like her to be married from the Rovers and asks her to move back in. Emily's touched. Ernie tells Maggie about the problem with the house. She tells him that Emily won't think of the house in the same emotional way as him and wouldn't want to feel that she's competing it with for his affections. Maggie advises him to start somewhere new. Sugden and the cadets give Jerry his own lecture. Jerry offers to show them the boat and tells them that it's a matter of pride for him finishing it with his own two hands. However, in the yard, Ray varnishes the vessel by himself. The womenfolk try to convince Emily to accept the house. The cadets are impressed with the boat but Jerry is upset that Ray has finished it off. Ernie wants to talk to Ena about his house problem but she's away visiting friend Sally Brown in Rawtenstall. Minnie offers to listen to his problems in her place. Jerry and Ray quarrel over the boat. Jerry tells him how much it means to him and they make up with a drink. Minnie tells Ernie that Ena would say he's too set in his ways for a man that's going to get wed. Annie stops Ken and Alan playing Put and Take in the pub as she's not licenced for it. Ernie tells Emily he's going to sell his house as her happiness is vital to him. Alan, Elsie, Jerry, Ray, Hilda, Lucille and Ken congregate in the yard en masse and christen the boat "Shangri-La" with brown ale. Jerry agrees to take it out tomorrow.


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Annie Walker: "Some marriages, Mrs Howard, are made in Heaven and some in haste."

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