Maggie gets a letter from Irma in Llandudno; she wants all her money out of the shop and she wants it soon. The police continue to question Ena. Len reveals Ena forgot to lock the Community Centre and the TV room. She gets annoyed with Minnie for suggesting the job's too much for her and Albert for saying she fell asleep at her post and should be shot. Cyril is annoyed that Betty is off to work at the Rovers when he has a week off and he doesn't like her working nights. Bet has received a Valentine's card. Elsie says she has five - all from the United States of America. The doctor agrees to look at Auntie May again and see if her condition's changed. The Town Hall leaves Ena's fate to the Community Centre committee. Len calls a meeting and offers Ena the chance to resign before it convenes. She refuses, saying they must sack and evict her themselves. Maggie wonders if she can buy Irma out herself. Len, Alf, Ernie and Emily meet in the Rovers' snug. Ernie suggests Ena should be sacked. They come up with another suggestion and Len is "volunteered" to tell Ena. He asks for Alf's help. Lucille tells Betty that Maggie wants a business partner. Ena is told she should have a co-caretaker. Betty is hurt that Maggie didn't tell her about the shop. Cyril tells Betty they could put the money in and become Maggie's partners. Alf makes the same suggestion to Maggie and is told Betty would be the last person she'd want in the shop.


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