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Albert reads the poetry of Robert W. Service in the Snug. Hilda wants to find out about Paris from Annie. Alan tells Elsie that he's meeting a business contact in Cheshire. Ena and Minnie bore of the poems as they're all about the First World War. Ken visits Mrs Bates. She accuses him of making Terry feel small by visiting her. He tells her he just wants Terry to do well as he's a bright lad. Elsie has to call in Jerry when she causes a power cut in the house. Alan visits Laura Howard for dinner. He's on edge, wondering what she wants from him. Mrs Bates promises not to work Terry too hard on domestic chores and make sure he goes to bed early. Laura's had a letter from Mark saying he's thinking of giving up his course and going abroad. There were harsh comments about Alan in the letter. Laura blames Alan for Mark being unstable. Terry thinks Mrs Bates fancies Ken. She goes out to a pub and leaves him alone to look after his little sister, despite her promises. Hilda asks Ken for tips on French phrases. Minnie has enough of Albert's morbid poems though Annie finds them moving. She is delighted when Billy agrees to work at the Rovers and be on the payroll. Alan promises to see Mark. Laura promises Alan there are no strings attached to the loan. Stan admits to Elsie and Jerry that he's scared of flying but, unaware, Hilda looks forward to Paris.


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