Hilda pushes Stan to get a day off work from Len for her birthday. Len tells Elsie not to push Alan for an answer but to let him tell her the source of the money in his own time. Perkins tells Ken that Mrs Bates has been in to complain about him, saying he's interfering. He tells him to let the matter drop. Billy and Alf argue over the usefulness, or otherwise, of councillors. Elsie asks Billy if he knows where Alan got the money from but he denies any knowledge. Albert and Minnie push Alf for free coal from the council. Hilda suspects Stan is keeping something from her. Alan admits to Elsie that he didn't borrow the money through Mr Vine but from a "business source" however he won't name it. She loses her temper and accuses him of once living on her money. He refuses to talk to her about the matter any more. Ken gives Terry a letter to his mother saying he wants to meet her. Jerry tells Albert and Minnie they're tilting at windmills by trying to get free coal. Hilda reveals Stan's taking her to Paris for the day. Billy winds Stan up about his fear of flying. Len takes a message for Alan from his ex-wife Laura reminding him that he's coming to visit her. Alan tells him there's nothing going on but it was Laura who lent him the money.


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Len Fairclough (about Stan Ogden): "He's only half an hour late. That's not bad for a fellah that tells the time by the moon."

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