Alan speaks to Laura Howard on the phone but hides the fact from Elsie. He sets off for Bradford to get the money for the Canal Garage but is similarly evasive about the source. Maggie starts to get annoyed with suggestions Betty has about improving the Corner Shop and tells her to stop making them. Minnie asks the two ladies for their birthdays but doesn't say why. Terry Bates is late for class, saying it was his sister Doreen's fault. Ken asks him to come and see him at dinnertime. Minnie asks Len, Ray and Alf for their birthdays, telling them it's for her pools coupon. Billy gets snappy with Annie when she asks him about the sale of the garage. Ernie thinks a doctor ought to look at Auntie May. Elsie gets worried about where Alan has got to. He returns with the cash, telling her that he got it through his accountant Mr Vine. Ken gives Terry detention and refuses to listen to his excuses. Alan gives Billy the money and they sort out the paperwork. Mr Perkins finds Terry in detention and sends him home. Elsie tells Len that she's worried about where Alan got the money from. He tells her to trust Alan or they'll have another bust-up. Ken is rebuked by Perkins as Terry makes sure his younger sister is taken to and from school as his mother is out at work. Ken thinks Terry's education is suffering as a result. Alan won't tell Elsie where Mr Vine got the money from. Emily tells Ernie that the doctor seemed annoyed with Auntie May. Billy tells Alan he has no plans what to do workwise but he could work for him at the garage. Elsie takes a phone call from Mr Vine for Alan, saying he couldn't raise the funds. She's furious that Alan has lied to her.


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