Ken sets off his first day as Deputy Head at Bessie Street School. The Howards are reconciled, agreeing that making up after a row is the best part. Billy pushes Alan for an answer but he replies that his 48 hours isn't up and he has a couple of phone calls to make first. Ken is pleased to arrive back at the school. Wilfred Perkins welcomes Ken before he begins teaching class 4A but reprimands him for not attending assembly. Alan hears from Mark Howard that Laura has opened a salon in Harrogate. Ken's first history lesson is on the First World War. He gets annoyed when Perkins attends the class and takes over the maintenance of discipline from him. Ernie and Emily discuss where to go on honeymoon. Ernie gets more impatient with Auntie May's presence and her refusal to eat the meals that Emily makes her. Betty wants to help Maggie in the shop but Annie can't spare her. Alan finds it difficult to come up with the money. Billy agrees to give him until dinnertime the next day. Ivy and Edna are pleased for Elsie and Alan. Maggie isn't pleased when Betty turns up to help her out. Perkins tells Ken that the Great War isn't part of the exam curriculum and to change his lessons.


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  • The scene on the Grape Street set was OB recorded while all the other location scenes were on film.
  • The end credits are run over a montage of shots of children playing in the ginnels of terraced back streets.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken returns to Bessie Street school - as deputy headmaster
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,600,000 homes (6th place).
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