Annie insists that she won’t enjoy the ball but Emily makes her admit that she desperately wants to go. Ken returns from Glasgow. He admits to Elsie that he felt lonely. He has a job interview with Wilfred Perkins at Bessie Street School for an English teacher's job before the head goes to London to see his son. Albert invites himself to Ena’s for a meal and gets complimentary Weatherfield County FC tickets from Dave Smith. He goes to the match where he meets the players in the dressing room. Dave promises Eddie £3 a goal. Albert goes on about Tiny Wedlock to the bemused players. Ena tells Bet and Betty to sort themselves out so that Annie can go to the ball. At half-time Eddie tells Albert he thinks he’s pulled a muscle. Albert puts on a bet for them to lose and then County win 4-0 with Eddie getting three of the goals. Maggie enjoys being in the director’s box with Dave. Bet agrees to look after the Rovers bar for the night and go out with Eddie after closing time. Annie can’t get a taxi to the ball. Kitty introduces Nellie to Lt Commander Gerald Prince at the ball but he is only polite with her. Ena gets Dave to “volunteer” to drive Annie to the ball. Alan comes back for some of his things and refuses a peace offering from Elsie. Ken gets the job. Annie arrives at the ball during comic Bernard Manning’s act but doesn’t like his coarse jokes. Dave takes Eddie to the director’s office for half an hour's chat. Ena deduces that Alan and Elsie are going through problems. Annie catches Prince’s eye. To Kitty and Nellie’s annoyance, he asks her for a dance and they waltz on the floor.


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Kitty Stonely (about Annie Walker): "I bet she thinks she's flamin' Cinderella."
Nellie Harvey: "If I was you, Kitty Stonely, I'd keep my voice down. Cos if she's Cinderella, you know what that makes us."

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