Emily is upset as today should have been her wedding day. Annie determines to do something to cheer her up. Lucille is annoyed as she has to clean the Rovers in Hilda's absence. The Ogdens go shopping to spend their spare £95. Eddie Duncan isn't on form for the cup tie and Weatherfield County FC lose two-nil. Dave Smith blames Eddie and tells Irma to pass the message on that he's made an enemy. The Ogdens buy a coffee percolator, a tray, a table centre, a cocktail bar and an electric toothbrush - all useless. Annie, Lucille, Ena and Minnie throw a tea party for Emily which cheers her up. Hilda shows off by using the last of the money to buy drinks for the regulars in the Rovers. Irma and Eddie brave the pub to an initial stony silence. Len gets a phone call from a woman and tells Ray he's taking a couple of weeks off. Dave tells Eddie if he doesn't tow the line and avoid booze and women, including Irma, he's finished.


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