Stan insists that the money is Dave Smith's and not his and Hilda's to spend. Dave wants Eddie kept pure for the evening on the eve of the cup tie and tells Irma to make sure that he gets to bed early - and by himself. Hilda makes her excuses and calls sick into work, telling Lucille she's won some money. Emily can't find anyone to look after the camera shop. Irma suggests to Eddie that they have a quiet night in. Hilda gets dressed to go out. Eddie puts on a confident front in the Rovers and gives Ray tickets to the stands at £1 each. He borrows his van to go to Liverpool for a party as his car is being serviced. Dave pushes Stan to pay his money back. Dave is suspicious that Eddie is up to something. Eddie invites Irma to the party but she declines. Stan tells Dave he'll get his £470 from the winnings. Dave tells him to pay him £370 now and the other £100 some other time. Ray finds out from Dave that the tickets are only worth 50p each. Lucille tells a worried Irma about Hilda's win. Stan turns over No.13 trying to find the money. He realises Hilda has gone out to spend it. Emily resigns from the warehouse in order to look after the studio. Hilda returns - she didn't spend the money as she felt guilty doing so on frivolous items. She's delighted when Stan gives her just £100 to spend as this won't seem so wasteful. Dave thinks County will walk the match if Eddie is on form. Irma changes her mind and she and Eddie set off for Liverpool to party.


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