Ray remains hostile to Jerry, even though he's cooked breakfast. Irma meets Yvonne and tells her to ignore the gossips. Albert continues to push for a lecture slot at the Community Centre. Lucille gets a call from the Labour Exchange. Emily tells Jerry not to cut himself off from everyone. Ena lets Albert take over the TBA slot at the centre for his gardening lecture when he tells her it stands for "to be allotted" and Alf agrees. Ray is impressed with a shelf unit that Jerry builds for No.9 but annoyed that it came from wood that Stan ruined. Albert's lecture clashes with Ken and Yvonne's class for immigrant children. Albert is annoyed when Ken's class takes priority as he's dealing with children. The yard loses work when Stan abandons his post to go to the barbers. Albert interrupts Ken's lecture to tell the children about Remembrance Sunday. They listen, entranced. Emily tells Jerry not to get too depressed with his lot in life. Lucille has been offered a job packing and sorting soap. She turned it down as it sounds hard going. Yvonne and Ken start afresh, getting to know each other. Albert doesn't enjoy his lecture as Trevor Parkin keeps correcting him. Len and Ray decide to sack Stan and replace him with Jerry.


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Jerry Booth: “Y'know I reckon there's a lot of blokes who're labelled workshy but they're not really, it's more like square pegs in round 'oles. Blokes who'd really like to be somewhere else, but nowt they can do 'bout it.”

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