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*[[Frank Bradley]] - [[Tommy Boyle]]
*[[Frank Bradley]] - [[Tommy Boyle]]
*[[Aloysius “Thumbs” Reilly]] - [[Steve Reno]]
*[[Aloysius “Thumbs” Reilly]] - [[Steve Reno]]
*[[Andrew McPriest]] - [[Ted Carrol]]
*[[Andrew McPriest]] - [[Ted Carroll]] ''(Credited as "Ted Carrol")''

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Len starts Lucille as secretary at the yard. Dave Smith tells Lucille he's going to set the heavies onto Frank. Bet tells Lucille that Frank sent for the ambulance when he realised it was Lucille he'd mugged. Lucille advises Bet to warn Frank about Dave. Stan's hole takes on gigantic proportions. Len and Ray tell him the plans for the hatch were for mass catering. Bet warns Frank but it is too late; Dave and his men arrive and advise her to leave.


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Notable dialogue

Stan Ogden: “Did you come 'ere to pick 'oles?”
Minnie Caldwell: “I don't think that's the right expression Mr Ogden, you can't pick 'oles in an 'ole.”

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