Irma, Elsie and Maggie laugh over the trivial reasons why Beattie left Norman when she fills them in on all the details. Emily listens to the same Chopin record over and over again. She tells Annie that she started the rift over her attitude to the cartoons. Ernie listens to Tchaikovsky all night. Irma asks Alan's help in choosing a car to buy. Albert accuses Beattie of rooting through his things and lodges a piece of paper in a drawer to catch her out should she open it. He tells the Rovers' regulars that he'd like Beattie to stay and look after him but because he's not selfish, he knows that can't happen. Maggie and Betty concoct a plot: Maggie tells Emily that Ernie bought a full bottle of aspirins and Betty tells Ernie that Emily is ill. As a result they get ready to pamper one another but realise they've been conned. The band practice in No.3 and wake Beattie. She pulls an old shell casing out of the drawer to use it to bang on the wall, dislodging the wedged paper. Alan and Irma flirt with each other heavily. Albert accuses Beattie of rooting again. She tells him about the playing and her knocking on the wall with the casing. Beattie threatens Ken over the noise of the group. Irma isn't pleased to see Alan and Elsie drinking happily together in the Rovers. Emily declares her independence from Ernie and serves in the bar. Annie thinks it's her duty to reconcile them. Beattie rings the police and complains about Ken, saying he threatened her.


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  • Just over one year after the episode which featured the wedding of Elsie Tanner to Alan Howard, this is the first episode to credit her under the "Howard" surname.
  • TV Times synopsis: Music, music, music - and discord!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,150,000 homes (1st place).
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