Elsie is optimistic about her job chances. Stan and Ray enjoy doing work at the Carousel Club as it readies for opening where they ogle the girls auditioning as waitresses in skimpy outfits. Elsie goes for a job there but is not happy to see the uniform. Maggie rings up the warehouse and finds out that Pollard has returned to London and Dennis Maxwell is now the personnel manager. Annie makes an appointment to see him. Edith returns unexpectedly and catches Bet doing her hair and lashes in No.3. Stella Randell doesn't take Elsie on as she is too much like her. Edith tells Ken she rushed down after speaking to the children about Margaret's treatment and they row. Annie and Maggie tell Maxwell that Pollard was maliciously misinformed about Elsie and it's caused a lot of local ill-feeling. Alan isn't pleased that Elsie applied for a job at a nightclub. Maxwell is told of Elsie's history by Annie and Maggie and tells them he'll reconsider the case. Len and Ray get the idea of inviting Ken to the club to bring him out of himself. Maxwell contacts Mr Maddox-Smith at Miami Modes and then tells his secretary to ask Elsie to call in on him as he's taking her on.


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Annie Walker: "Gossip is a way of life to people like Mrs Ogden."

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