Albert winds up Bet by taking too long to decide which paper to choose for his house. Maggie refuses Hilda a favour for sneaking on Elsie. Stan continues to take advantage of Ray. Billy tells him what Bet saw at 19 Inkerman Street. Alan and Elsie row over her pride. Betty annoys Hilda by asking if she's shopped any more neighbours and Elsie also snubs her. Alan sees Pollard who gives him just five minutes of his time. Ray gets Stan to work at 19 Inkerman Street and then calls there. He finds Stan comfortably ensconced with Clara Regan looking after him. Alan tells Pollard the truth about the 1969 court case but he refuses to take Elsie back, even though he admits she was innocent. The two row and Pollard insults Alan, telling him he's not going to be lectured by a bankrupt. Ray threatens to tell Hilda and Stan buckles under. Alan tells Maggie he's failed to persuade Pollard to change his mind. Elsie is furious when she finds out that Alan has gone behind her back. She softens when she hears of Pollard's insult. Ray enjoys lording it over Stan. Albert loses his temper with an impatient Bet and tells her not to bother decorating - he'll do it himself. Maggie and Annie decide to see Pollard and put him straight about Elsie.


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Elsie Howard: "They've got an old saying round 'ere: 'there's no smoke without fire'. It was invented round 'ere an' it's wrecked a lot of innocent lives."


Billy Walker: "The mind boggles - some other woman in the world who fancies Stanley. Y'know, I thought Hilda had been built specially."

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