While Ray is in the yard, Stan goes looking for him screaming blue murder and bursts into the Rovers yelling threats. Minnie tells him she last saw Ray on Mawdsley Street. Stan sets off to find him. Hilda convinces Billy of the seriousness of the situation and he sets off to warn Ray. Teacher Olive Rowe has designs on Ken. Billy gets to the yard before Stan but Ray is safe at the Camera Shop putting up shelves. Stan realises Ray has to be in the Rovers at some time and returns there to wait. Billy warns Stan to behave and decides to shut the pub to avoid trouble. Before he can do so, Ray arrives and escapes into the ladies', locking the door behind him before Stan can get at him. Stan lays in wait outside the door. Olive is put out to hear that Bet looks after Ken's children. Elsie suggests that the police are called as Stan continues to bang on the toilet door. In her panic, Hilda upsets Minnie. Annie returns from a few hours out to find the Rovers in chaos. Ken has a telephone installed at No.3 and Olive is the first to call him. Annie orders Stan out but he refuses. Stan breaks down the ladies' door but Ray escapes through the window. Emily is in trouble when she sends the wrong details into the Gazette with an accompanying wedding photograph and the bride's mother, Mrs Waldron, threatens legal action. Stan traps Ray in the yard office but he has sprained his wrist getting out of the pub. He asks Stan if he would hit a man who is injured...


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