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Part One: Max determines that he needs a haircut for his date with Sonya and asks David to fit him in. A worried Rita tells Evelyn that Brian has gone missing. Shona agrees to keep an eye on Audrey, on the condition that Gail disposes of the Thai brass elephant. Blake and Chris give Max a condom packet in case things progress with Sonya. Maria objects to Gail putting a piece of metal in the normal household bin and is handed the brass elephant to keep in the barbers. As Max prepares for his haircut, he receives a message from Sonya asking him to send her a picture of him naked so she can see what to expect. He is stunned. A despondent Tim laments to Sally that changing his medication has had no benefit and he’s worried their sex life is over. Shona needs to take a forgotten permission slip into school for Lily and Audrey tells her to go so that she can slip out of the house unsupervised. Max returns and goes upstairs, stripping off as he prepares for his picture.

Part Two: Settling into Wendy's house, Abi is taken aback when she sees her host keeping notes on her. Abi suggests she’d like to take Alfie to see Kevin. Wendy covers her unease about returning to Coronation Street. Max meets Sonya at the bus stop for their date. Evelyn searches for Brian, worried that he's gone gunning for Jim Fizz. Wendy is tense as she and Abi push Alfie's pram down the street, rushing past No.1. Kevin is delighted to see Abi. Dr Gaddas considers that Tim's problem is psychological and recommends that he and Sally see a sex therapist. He's taken aback. Gail comes back from work and finds Audrey missing. Over dinner a perplexed Sonya reveals that she’s never received any messages from him nor sent any back. Max and Sonya are horrified to realise someone has set them up. She's annoyed when Max suggests they treat it as a joke and walks out. Gail tracks Audrey down to the Rovers where she tries to wrestle a bottle of red wine from her hand and ends up with it all over her. Max receives a message demanding £1,000 or his naked picture goes viral.

Part Three: Max returns home in a state and snaps David's head off. Gail gives up when Audrey refuses to leave the pub. Kevin tells Abi he thinks he's seen Wendy before. Brian turns up, having been clothes shopping with a new "devil may care" image. Evelyn demands he tell her what's going on in his mind. Sally tells a reluctant Tim that they should see the therapist to help their marriage. Audrey is pleased when Rita joins her in the pub and says they should finally bury the hatchet. Max asks Chris and Blake's advice. Chris points out that he was trying to send a pornographic picture to an underage girl and he faces possible arrest. Max says he has no option but to pay up. Evelyn tells Brian that any attempt to change his image is futile. Max steals David's bank card out of his wallet.

Part Four: On Rosamund Street, Tracy's horrified to see Wendy and warns a puzzled Abi that she's playing with fire being with her. Rita and Audrey bemoan growing old. A sympathetic Daisy refuses to let them become maudlin and serves them free Tequila shots. Max rings David's bank, posing as his dad, but fails to get the £1,000 transferred to his account. Sally gets an appointment with a private sex therapist. Tim isn't happy about the arrangement. Rita and Audrey stagger out of the pub. Rita advises her friend not to back down with Gail. Back at her house, Wendy admits to Abi that she and Ken have history but refuses to go into detail. David receives a security phone call from his bank and confronts Max. Audrey tells Gail in no uncertain terms that she's returning home in a few days as she's sick of people thinking they know what's best for her. Max comes clean to David and Shona. They realise that he tried to send a photo to an underage girl and the trouble that he's in as he's already on bail. He begs them to hand over the money to the blackmailers.


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Location 10669 10670
Coronation Street Main street view
Rovers Return Inn Public
4 Coronation Street Downstairs rooms N/A
8 Coronation Street Downstairs rooms
The Kabin Shop N/A
Webster's Autocentre N/A Garage
Viaduct Street Main street view N/A
Viaduct Bistro Restaurant N/A
Rosamund Street Main street view
Rosamund Street Medical Centre Room 1 N/A
Victoria Street Main street view
Roy's Rolls N/A Cafe
Trim Up North Shop
Victoria Gardens N/A Garden
Wendy Papadopoulos's house Living room/kitchen


  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording. The system of a one-metre rule was dropped at the start of May 2022, during which time this episode was within the block already being recorded and it therefore contained a mixture of scenes with and without social distancing. The first episode without any social distancing was Episode 10677/8 (29th June 2022), though still with testing for any significant physical contact.
  • The bank clerk that Max Turner speaks to on the phone in 10670 is uncredited, although he has lines of dialogue.
  • Kate Waters was credited as the fight arranger for the scene in 10669 where Gail Rodwell and Audrey Roberts struggle over the red wine.
  • TV Times synopsis: Max is conned in a blackmail phone scam; Audrey and Rita finally bury the hatchet; Tracy is horrified to see Wendy Crozier with Abi and demands to know what is going on; and Tim is stunned by his doctor's advice.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,210,000 viewers (2nd place).
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