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Part One: Having spent the night in the cells, Toyah is introduced to her duty solicitor, Kim Wallis. She's unimpressed with her. A hungover Cathy feels guilty about kissing Jim Fizz. Toyah rings a stunned Leanne with the news that she's been charged with murder. Cathy calls on Evelyn who advises her to clear the air with Brian about the kiss, and also to sort out the matter of the letters from Julie Carp. A fretting Abi expects a call from the social worker about her application to gain custody of Alfie. Debbie can't find a cleaner for the bistro. Gail treats Audrey to lunch there but refuses to let her mother buy wine. Fiz receives a text informing her that Mimi can't make the wedding unless they postpone. Leanne has another argument with Adam but his words about people's temper snapping in a split second give her pause for thought.

Part Two: Having taken Evelyn's words to heart, Cathy delights Brian by accepting his proposal. Fiz decides to refuse to postpone the wedding. Sally thinks she's being selfish towards both Phill and Mimi. Kevin breaks the news to Abi about Toyah's arrest. She refuses to feel responsible for the chain of events. DS Swain won't release Toyah. Brian decides he would like to learn how to make cocktails and gets Jim's number from Jenny. Toyah is formally charged. Kim thinks her best defence would be to claim a momentary lapse of memory, or at least diminished responsibility after suffering suicidal feelings to gain a lighter sentence. Toyah begins to get annoyed with her attitude and advice even though she's warned she faces a twelve year sentence.

Part Three: Leanne calls at the police station to demand Toyah's release but Swain easily swats her away. Jim calls at The Kabin after Brian makes an appointment for a tutorial. He boasts about being surrounded by a bevy of redheads when he gave his Rovers' lesson. Audrey returns alone from her meal, desperate for a glass of wine, and tells Shona that Gail has been employed as the bistro cleaner and has started immediately. She gives Shona money to buy a bottle for her from the corner shop. Abi dreads another court appearance. Fiz refuses to budge to Phill on the wedding date. Leanne meets Kim who tells her of the evidence that's racking up against her sister and how much she needs her to back her up to persuade Toyah to take her advice. Cathy tells Evelyn she bottled out of being honest with Brian. She's had a newspaper hoarding made up announcing their engagement. Jim gives Brian his lesson, but he is not a natural and he gives up. Jim talks about a woman he kissed at the Rovers and Brian realises he's describing Cathy. Leanne rings Toyah who refuses to lie about her state of mind at the time of the accident although she can't afford another solicitor. Leanne offers her financial help.

Part Four: Phill breaks the news to Fiz that his mother's changed her schedule and can make the wedding. Furthermore, she would like to come a few days early and help with the arrangements. Fiz refuses outright with Evelyn's backing. Leanne asks a reluctant Nick for upwards of £30,000 for Toyah's defence. He claims they haven't enough, and she suggests they raid the company account. He sympathises but won't agree. Abi is told her best-cast scenario is custody under the supervision of a live-in foster parent. Having heard from Dev that Shona bought a bottle of wine, Gail finds Audrey asleep in a chair with the empty bottle in front of her. Shona is unrepentant. Cathy puts the poster up on the paper boy. In front of the neighbours, Brian tells her the wedding's off and, back inside the shop, confronts her with the kiss. He claims he's being made to look undignified. Leanne rings Toyah with the news that she's found her a better solicitor for tomorrow's hearing. Toyah is hurt when Leanne momentarily delays answering her sister's question as to whether she believes she is truly innocent.


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Location 10665 10666
Coronation Street Main street view
Rovers Return Inn N/A Public
8 Coronation Street N/A Downstairs rooms
9 Coronation Street Back room/kitchen and hallway
13 Coronation Street N/A Back room/kitchen and hallway
The Kabin Shop and stockroom Shop
Webster's Autocentre Garage N/A
Underworld Breakout area and machine room N/A
Viaduct Bistro Restaurant Restaurant and office
Victoria Street Main street view N/A
Roy's Rolls N/A Cafe
Weatherfield Police Station Interview room Reception and interview room


  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording. The system of a one-metre rule was dropped at the start of May 2022, during which time this episode was within the block already being recorded and it therefore contained a mixture of scenes with and without social distancing. The first episode without any social distancing was Episode 10677/8 (29th June 2022), though still with testing for any significant physical contact.
  • The first half of this episode marks the 1,000th appearance of Sally Ann Matthews in the role of Jenny Connor.
  • A policeman at Weatherfield Police Station is uncredited in 10665 although he has a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne calls at the police station; Evelyn advises a hungover Cathy to come clean about her misgivings; Abi learns she has to reapply for custody of Alfie; and as Audrey scours the cupboards for wine, Shona admits that Gail has hidden it. (This final scene did not appear in the episode)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,163,000 viewers (4th place).
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