Lucille is convinced she's seen Margaret before but can't remember where. Margaret tells Ken the twins can be too boisterous. He gives her permission to discipline the twins if she needs to. Albert still isn't happy about Margaret. Ken tells Lucille not to be a stranger with the twins but to call round when she likes. After defending Harold Dewhurst to Ena, Annie discovers that he and Elsie are 'old friends' when the two of them drink in the Rovers together. The atmosphere becomes frosty and Annie and Elsie argue when Annie makes catty comments. Lucille calls on the twins and discovers that Margaret has locked them in their room for being naughty. Harold convinces Annie that nothing has been going on between him and Elsie and asks her to go on a cruise with him in two weeks round the Mediterranean. Pleased, she promises to think about it. Lucille suddenly remembers that Margaret locked her in a coal shed for half a day at the orphanage when they were both there ten years before, and she was one of the reasons she ran away.


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  • In an attempt to reduce the tension of the studio recording, the Floor Manager sounds a dinner gong when announcing the name of the production for the second part of the episode!
  • TV Times synopsis: In which Lucille tries to place a face.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,450,000 homes (4th place).

Notable dialogue

Harold Dewhurst: "This dinner time with Elsie whatisname…"
Annie Walker: "It used to be Tanner but she changes it every so often."

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