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Part One: The Habeebs prepare for Alfie to be released into their care. Aggie is torn on whether to report Dr Thorne. Ed advises her to go with her gut. Kevin gives Abi the day off as it's the anniversary of Seb's death. Kirk takes delivery of some new equipment at Underworld. Stu tells Yasmeen he's planning a treat for her later. She worries about his intentions when she finds an expensive necklace inside his bag. Nina plans a vigil for Seb at the memorial garden later and asks Abi to come. Aggie is quietly furious when Dr Thorne offers to forgive her for what occurred yesterday. Abi confesses to Nina that she's thinking of throwing in the towel. Nina encourages her to keep fighting for Alfie until her last breath.

Part Two: An emotional Abi visits Alfie at the hospital for the last time. Todd rushes to the undertakers to exchange an urn when a tired George muddles up his clients' ashes. Yasmeen tells Stu that she's seen the necklace but can't accept it. She's mortified when he says it's really for his daughter Bridget and the treat he mentioned earlier was a cooked dinner. Aggie prints off the details of Peter's liver operation as she gathers evidence against Thorne. Todd tells George that his slip-ups are becoming too frequent and if he doesn't tell Eileen the truth, he will. Sarah and Carla are about to join a Zoom meeting with a client when they hear horn sounds coming from the sales office. Sarah discovers that Kirk, in his role of Extra Office Administrator, has purchased an air horn to sound whenever the team makes a sale. Abi gets talking to a cleaner at the hospital who assumes she's the one taking Alfie home today. She realises she can't let her son go and decides to leave the hospital with him. However, as she cradles Alfie in her arms, she's interrupted by Toyah.

Part Three: Toyah realises that Abi is trying to snatch Alfie and adopts a sympathetic tone as she tries to reason with her. She refutes Abi's suggestion that she's trying to replace her as Alfie's mum. George finally admits to Eileen that he's been lying awake next to her every night. Eileen thinks he's exaggerating how bad his snoring is and insists he's getting a good night's sleep at No.11 tonight. Toyah dares Abi to take Alfie and force the police to stop her from having any contact with her son at all. Abi backs down just as Imran enters. He's apoplectic when he finds out what she tried to do. Sarah discovers another one of Kirk's 'improvements' when an air freshener with a motion sensor goes off in her face. Toyah tries to calm Imran down, saying there's no harm done, but Imran feels that if Abi tries to take Alfie once, she'll do it again. Toyah is forced to agree and Abi storms out when Toyah questions why she suddenly wants to be a mum after giving up two kids. Stu tells Yasmeen that he regularly sends presents to Bridget's last known address in the hope that one day she'll get back in touch. He advises her to bury the hatchet with Zeedan before they become as estranged. Word spreads at the hospital that Dr Thorne has been reported. Toyah and Imran are on cloud nine as they take Alfie to his new home.

Part Four: Abi shows up at Nina's vigil for Seb at the last minute. She cries as she tells Seb that she's sorry she didn't try harder with her children. Aggie discovers that all of Thorne's operations have been postponed and the doctor suspended. Preparing for the night ahead, Mary gives George a nasal strip to wear in bed and ear plugs for everyone else in the household. Sarah and Carla look forward to the end of Kirk's trial period so that they can demote him back to packing. Zeedan is pleased when Yasmeen offers to forgive and forget his past behaviour, declaring that life is too short. Thorne tells Aggie he knows it was her who reported him and he intends to make her life a misery upon his return. Imran assures Abi that they still want her to be involved in Alfie's life, despite today's events. Abi vows to get Alfie back and make everyone see him for the liar he is. In the early hours, George sleeps soundly at No.11 but his loud snoring keeps everyone else awake. Toyah and Imran spend their first night as proper parents.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • The main entrance of the Tony Warren Building at MediaCity studios doubles as the entrance of Weatherfield General.
  • TV Times synopsis: Abi struggles on the first anniversary of Seb's death; Thorne vows to punish Aggie for reporting him; and George's confession shocks Eileen.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,078,000 viewers (4th place).
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