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Billy returns the car to the Town Hall. Edith Tatlock doesn't think Ken should take Peter and Susan away to Jamaica. Ernie has to look after his sister's shop in Barrow-in-Furness for a few weeks and asks Emily to look after the Camera Shop. Ken and Edith argue over his plans but he tells them he's determined to give the twins a fresh start. Tom Hedley demands action over his car as the Rolls was parked two feet out from the kerb and he doesn't want to get the police involved. Ken gets a letter telling him his job at Granston Technical College is still open. Billy tells Hedley they'll repair his car for nothing. Alan makes Ken realise he's going to be lonely and unhappy in Jamaica. Ernie awkwardly gives Emily his mother's dress ring to act as a bond between them. Emily is touched. Ray and Len make a toy fort for the twins as a replacement for their lost toys. Touched by his neighbours' generosity, Ken decides not to go to Jamaica. Len tells Billy he's been had - Hedley's insurance had run out. Annoyed by Fred Chapman and the rough builders, the residents plan a demo against the warehouse. Fred promises a good punch-up if they do.


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